With successful appearances at showcase/music industry festivals Mondo in New York – US, Live at Heart and Where´s the music in SWE as well as getting streaming numbers by the millions on his single “You´re Not Alone”, Kristofer Greczula is starting to grow a name in the pop community.

At the age of 16 Kristofer signed with Lionheart – now Capitol / Universal with his rock band Damn Delicious.This led to live shows at major Swedish music festivals, including the well-known Sweden Rock festival.

In 2017 Kristofer decided to start his solo career, entering the pop scene where his music interests lay as a child. Pop music still feels closest to his heart today. The years he spent in a band has given Kristofer invaluable experience as an entertainer with over 500 gigs under his belt, it’s on stage where he feels the most comfortable.
The debut single “Taste” was released on the 26th May and is written by Kristofer himself, together with Adam Jönsson and Nadir & Saeed (The Euroz), who have produced and written songs for artists like Conrad Sewell and Mohombi. The music video for “Taste” was filmed in New York and directed by Joakim Carlsson.
“You’re not alone” was released on the 8th September and is the official song for the organization Aldrig Ensam. The founder Charlie Eriksson contacted Kristofer wanting a theme song for the organization. Aldrig Ensam’s objective is to break the silence and taboo surrounding mental health issues. Kristofer wrote “You’re not alone” when he was 18 and going through a rough period, experiencing depression and anxiety. The song has been streamed more than 3 million times so far and is helping many in their battle with mental health issues.