Julia Ekelöf ‘s new single “RIP” is the result of a collaboration between Julia and producers Dag Holtan and Halvor Folstad. The successful Norwegian duo has previously produced and written songs for artists like Isaac Eliott, Astrid S, Julie Bergan, Ylvis and Dandy Lion as well as Julia’s first single “Heal me”, released last spring. “RIP” is the first release for Julia as a signed artist.

Julia about the song RIP, herself and the collaboration with Norwegian producers Dag Holtan and Halvor Folstad:

– Music has accompanied me through life. It’s always been obvious to me that I would sing and dance. To see all the hard work pay off is a dream come true.

I study full time at the dance academy Base 23, specialising in Musical theatre, and I write music in my spare time. Nothing would have been possible without these amazing people helping me along the way.

Dag Holtan and Halvor Folstad produced my first single Heal me as well as my new single RIP. These amazing producers have worked with a number of artists including Isaac Eliott, Astrid S, Julie Bergan, Ylvis and Dandy Lion.

Waking up one morning and suddenly being able to call myself a teenager made me experience not only panic but also performance anxiety. How are you expected to act in society to fit in, how should you look, who should you hang out with and what is really going on inside your body? RIP is about cutting the ties and navigating the challenges of growing up, about overwhelming feelings and dealing with feeling lost. The lyrics relate to my life and everything I sing about is as real as real can be.

This is the naked truth!