Victoria Voss - Karma_Cover-72dpi

“Karma is a song about a passionate but toxic relationship crippled by arguments and frustration. Its playful latino vibes emphasise the heat and sensuality of the lyrics as intensity builds up, then abruptly interrupted as hard trap hats and a heavy bass slam into the chorus under the vindictive message of “Karma is a bitch”. We’re also given an extra bit of heat as Victoria sings the last bridge in French, honouring her roots.”

In recent years, Victoria has placed most of her focus on developing her songwriter career, writing for artists signed to major labels such as Warner, Universal Music and BMG. She is currently working with Starlab Publishing alongside her better half with whom she co-writes and produces most of her songs. Inspired from France’s strong lyrical culture, Victoria places a lot of emphasis on writing meaningful lyrics, playing with language and putting a twist on common themes. As a (half) Swede, it goes without saying that her songwriting equally emphasises hooky melodies.
 Alongside pursuing her musical career, Victoria is putting her passion for solving environmental issues into action by doing a PhD thesis in sustainability sciences at Stockholm University. She previously studied at Imperial College and Oxford University in the U.K., as well as spent part of her childhood living in Paris. The years spent abroad have stimulated her songwriting to grow bolder, merging genres and sourcing inspiration from underground sounds.
Victoria Voss is one of 37 scientists from 16 different countries that after 3 years of hard work, publish a global report on healthy diets from sustainable food systems in the medical journal The Lancet. Full title: “Food in the Anthropocene:
Victoria’s research has taken her to many corners of the world, from the remaining primary rainforests of Borneo and coral reefs in Florida all the way to the United Nations Headquarters in New York. In her capacity as scientist, Victoria’s attended several ministerial meetings as well as presented to H.M. the King and Queen of Sweden. She hopes one day to be able to merge her musical and scientific careers in order to stimulate both heart and brain in tackling some of the most important issues of our time.