Cover The Vanjas My Girls

“My Girls” was added to Spotify New Music Friday USA and went viral directly up on Spotify top 50 Viral USA!

Since forming, this Stockholm based quartet has delivered a dazzling mix of rhythm ‘n’ blues, pop, soul och rock ‘n’ roll. Comparisons have been made to The Sonics, The Hives and Blondie.

After hundreds of live performances in Sweden and across Europe, opening for Patti Smith och The Sonics, several singles and a self-produced album, “The Vanjas” are now joining forces with Rehn Music Group.

The first single to be released on RMG is the Amy Winehouse-esque “My Girls”, out 26 Jan 2018.

The track is written by The Vanjas and was recorded in Stockholm during the summer of 2017. It’s produced by Tristan Jeanneau and Mark Ephraim and mixed by Phat Fabe (The Ark, Teddybears, Titiyo, Robyn).

“Danger, pain, trouble – come at me. Everything’s easy, as long as you’re with your crew. The song is about a girl who’s waiting and wishing to be with her friends. She knows what it’s like to be alone, but her friends are arriving soon and she knows fun times are ahead. ‘My girls’ is a soundtrack to hanging with your crew.”

Some reviews of live performances and earlier releases:

“Imagine Little Richard and Blondie having a love child. That child would sound like The Vanjas. The quartet has taken everything that was fun during the 50’s and 60’s and invented something new.”
– Anna Engström, U-port,

“This Stockholm quartet attacks with the same certainty as The Creeps once did, in a similar groove of R’n’B influenced garage rock.”
– Nils Hansson, Dagens Nyheter

“During a few fantastic, crazy and wild moments I wonder to myself if I’ve experienced anything like this since… well, since I heard The Hives for the first time”
-Dennis Andersson, Barometern

“Had I had long hair there would have been some headbanging. The Vanjas debut album ‘Sings and plays rock ’n roll’ is a breath of fresh air on a somewhat melancholy Swedish music scene. Or no, actually. It’s more like a bomb in peacetime.”
– Simon Strinnholm, Värmlands Folkblad

“In The Vanjas backpack, Larry Williams 50’s rock is hanging out with Blondies 70’s. British The Who is also among the influences as are American The Sonics.”
– Lollo Asplund, Corren

“This wild and unruly rock ‘n roll band fronted by the charismatic singer Vanja Renberg combines influences from American roots rock and soul with early britpop.”
– Ulf Gustavsson, Uppsala nya tidning

“The Vanjas are world class in their genre, together with bands like Detroit Cobras and The Jim Jones Revue.
– Peter Sjöblom Tidningen kulturen